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Title: AndThanks2U TURN $2.50 INTO OVER $100,000
Category:Business: Home Based Business

AndThanks2U  is The ONLY legitimate Gratitude/Faith program that uses its rotation system to help earn money for you/family/friends/groups with NO money hungry spam/scam companies involved and most agree, if you can’t earn here, you can’t earn anywhere.
As you read along, you’ll be thinking “this is too good to be true” but, it REALLY IS  (as you can see by My Progress  tab in the menu above) so, while you continue reading, you’ll realize what this can actually do for you and yours!!

  • Has the smallest entry level of $2.50, which goes to your sponsor’s (family/friend) Paypal account , not some company. All included in the price is the reseller website, advertising & classified ad resources, banner ads, eBooks and unlimited email support.
  • Keeps ALL members making money until they are ready for the upper Tier payouts – and its all from profits earned, NOTHING is out-of pocket, other than the initial fee of $2.50.
  • Each member only needs 4 people to sign up!!  Tell me you can’t find anyone to spend $2.50 to make $10…. right?  There is the “no risk factor” by keeping it within the family/friends/group, versus dealing with the unknowns across the internet (but, you can if you want), there are no limitations.
  • The spillover is amazing, meaning that if you have 5 or more people signup, that spillover helps everyone grow their money faster because it trickles down to your people, helping everyone get to higher Stages.
  • Exclusive Stage II encourages to build stronger and faster to get to the Top Payouts.  Up to $145,000 can be earned by even just the passive, do nothing members.

NO extra fees and NO false promises after investing just $2.50, you sign up or receive spillover of 4 people, which = $10 paid directly to your PayPal account. The Payment Breakdown listed below will come from your profits only:

  Stage I                                                                         Stage II

Invest                    Receive                                     Invest                     Receive

$2.50                       $10                                           $100                           $200

  $5                           $80                                           $200                        $1,600

  $10                        $640                                          $500                       $16,000

   $20                       $5,120                                       $1,000                    $128,000

With very little effort, at the end of week 8, you will have earned over $145,800 (assuming you upgraded to the next higher Tiers in Stage I and Stage II) and sponsors can compound their income to over $729,000 with just 4 personally sponsored signups…..and it doesn’t stop, because there is No Limit on what recruiters can earn.



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